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Our work

ECCVAT’s purpose is to raise awareness of tax problems facing by charities and foundations across Europe and to ensure that relevant legislative developments recognise and address the particular position of charities and foundations in the VAT system.


To achieve this, ECCVAT’s activities include:


person with megaphoneLobbying on legislation affecting the tax position of charities and foundations across Europe. Since 1992, ECCVAT has lobbied and worked with the European Commission, the European Parliament and national experts at the council, provided information to various consultations and participated in many conferences.


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Monitoring EU developments likely to affect the sector, issuing regular briefings to members and taking appropriate action whenever needed.



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Researching the impact of taxation on the work of charities and foundations. ECCVAT conducts research on VAT among its members and benefits from research conducted by its members nationally.



ECCVAT also provides a platform for its members to exchange ideas, raise  potential issues and discuss future proposals.

Position papers and Manifestos
  • ECCVAT Manifesto 2020
  • ECCVAT paper on refund schemes
  • ECCVAT position paper on the Commission’s review of the VAT Directive
Responses to consultations
  • ECCVAT’s comments on the Commission’s VAT proposal